Trust Deed Investments

Trust Deed Investments

The Granger Co has a large pipeline of loans that it sells to investors.  Investors may choose to buy all or a portion of the loan. The Granger Company handles all loan servicing and interface with the borrower making it an easy process for the investor. We can also arrange to have the duration of the investment suit your requirements. Investments with periods as short as 180 days are available. Contact us for a current rate sheet.

Return and Distributions

The investment’s profits are derived from the amount of interest collected on the loans on the Note and Trust Deeds.   A typical annual return is 6.5% or more, depending on the interest rates paid by the borrowers.  Investors are paid monthly and are responsible for paying income tax on these distributions.

Ideal Investor

Trust Deed investing is available to anyone with a minimum of $250,000 to invest. Smaller investors have the benefit of investing with other Granger Company clients in a single note. For larger investors buying 100% of a trust deed may be the best option. Trust Deed investments are currently available for $10,000 to $10,000,000.


Investment Risks

As with any investment, there are a variety of risks with which investors need to be comfortable.  Among other things, these could include economic, borrower bankruptcy and interest rate risks.  A prospective investor, in addition to consulting his or her own counsel, accountant, and financial advisors, should review the information on each note individually on its own merits.


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To learn more about Trust Deed Partnership or Real Estate Partnership Investment opportunities, contact or call us at (310) 323-1550.  Or complete the request form.

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