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Why invest in Los Angeles County?

One of the most robust industrial economies in the world, Los Angeles County contains 4,083 square miles of land, 88 different cities, and a population approaching 10 million people.  Boasting one-third of California's economic production, it would be the 20th largest economy in the world if it were a country.

After decades of domination by large aerospace, defense, and related manufacturing employers, Los Angeles has reinvented itself as a home of diverse low- and high-tech entrepreneurial industries.  Leading the nation in apparel production and entertainment, it has benefited from growth in related industries like merchandise suppliers, technology vendors and service companies.  It is also home to computer software, subassemblies, and components businesses, and these high-value-added activities have spawned growth in other basic manufacturing industries which occupy Los Angeles' warehouses and distribution centers.

Many factors contribute to making Los Angeles County an industrial powerhouse:

  • Excellent infrastructure.  Southern California has one of the most comprehensive transportation systems in the world, and Los Angeles County is located at the center of it.  Businesses here benefit from easy access to two major seaports (Los Angeles and Long Beach), Los Angeles International Airport, and an efficient freeway system that transports people and goods quickly in all directions.
  • Superior location.  Foreign trade is one of California's most powerful economic engines.  Businesses in this industry locate in Los Angeles County because of its convenient access to major transportation points.
  • Friendly to small, entrepreneurial businesses.  Small business have fueled economic and employment growth in Los Angeles County.  Nearly half of the region's workforce is employed by companies of fewer than 100 employees.
  • Abundant workforce.  The region's local workforce provides a diverse set of skills, education levels, and wage requirements.
  • Pro-business cities.  The cities in the South Bay and Mid-County areas of Los Angeles County understand the many reasons why businesses locate themselves there.  They encourage this by charging minimal commercial fees and fostering favorable utility rates.

Los Angeles' industrial economy is divided into two sub-markets, each with unique characteristics: 

The South Bay

The important features of this market are the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the proximity to the LA International Airport (LAX), the dense, local labor pool, excellent access to major freeways, and stable cities.  While aerospace parts and manufacturing remain an important industry in this region, other forms of manufacturing, public warehousing and distribution, garment- and furniture-making, and merchandise importers round out its industrial base.  Additionally, the region's closeness to Southern California's major foreign trade points has created demand for warehouse-type facilities to breakdown, sort, or value-add to goods arriving from overseas.

South Bay cities, including Carson, Compton, Torrance and Gardena, are pro-business.  They charge minimal commercial fees and offer favorable utility rates without surcharges.  These cities also offer affordable housing for employees, and excellent executive housing options are nearby in Palos Verdes and Manhattan Beach.

The region's convenient access to Los Angeles' freeway system allows easy transportation of goods and employees north and across the basin, and south into Orange and San Diego counties.  Downtown Los Angeles is a short drive up the 110 freeway, while the 605 and 710 freeways provide direct access to the San Gabriel Valley.

The Mid-County Region

In contrast to the South Bay, the Mid-County region of Los Angeles County attracts companies that are serving customers throughout the Los Angeles basin.  However, it also benefits from its nearness to Los Angeles' trade points via the 5, 91, 105 and 605 freeways. 

Including such pro-business cities as Santa Fe Springs, La Mirada and Buena Park, it offers modern features, newer housing stock, low crime and pristine parks.  For these reasons, it has become a favorite location of businesses in consumer and industrial products, electronics and machinery parts, light manufacturers and food processing.  The local labor base is highly skilled, and the area provides both affordable and executive housing options.